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What is GV?


Growing Voices (GV) is a global organization that builds sustainable projects in partnership with resident non-profits.  In collaboration with grassroots organizations that understand the needs of their communities, GV cultivates strategies that inspire hope and greater opportunity.


Our vision is to build strong friendships with locally run non-profits and work together to create sustainable development projects that support their ultimate goals. It is a partnership aimed at encouraging empowerment, independence and economic growth within communities.

GV customizes donations through gifting items specific to each project and its needs. All items are locally purchased and distributed. Our goal is to give the donor the power to oversee where and how their donation is spent. In addition, it relieves the cost of international shipping and supports recipient businesses within communities.

GV projects go towards supporting an ultimate goal tailored to each friendship. The purpose of promoting sustainable development projects is to create opportunities that will engender autonomy, thus allowing the non-profit to be free from the never-ending aid cycle. We want to encourage projects that allow GV to exit with a sustainable economic system in place.

GV is committed to total transparency and a 100% donation policy.  Dollar for dollar, your gift is directed towards the projects you choose to support.  By providing a network geared towards a respectful informational exchange, local empowerment and gifting; we are certain you will be inspired to join us in our commitment to sustainable growth at the grassroots level.