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GV Partner: DANA Services Non-Profit

Location: Sparta, North Carolina
Field: Domestic Violence

One in every four women in the United States will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. National statistics suggest an increase in reported violent incidences while national funding for protection and prevention programs is decreasing. This is a national crisis and the dominant force behind our friendship with domestic violence non-profit, DANA (Domestic Abuse is Not Acceptable) Services.

DANA Services (Domestic Abuse is Not Acceptable), located in Sparta, North Carolina struggles to deal with the reality of everyday violent abuse. DANA works to prevent family violence at all stages of life whether this is the neglect or physical abuse of a child, the abuse of a domestic partner or an elder.

DANA provides temporary shelter for families seeking refuge from their abusers. Additionally, DANA gives employment assistance, daycare options, legal referrals, counseling, transportation and educational seminars.

Growing Voices is dedicated to purchasing a DANA residence that will empower both the hardworking staff at DANA and those families seeking their support.

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Meet Lee Cornett

Meet Lee Cornett
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